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Treating emulsion floating matter with Q-Mag®

Floating dirt removes with Q-Mag®.This is a good example of the wide range of applicability of Q-Mag®. The picture on the left shows how Q-Mag® removes floating 'skum' and foam from an emulsion tank.

After changes in the process a significant amount of the dirt in the emulsion floated to the surface of the settling tank for the emulsion. The Q-Mag®, in combination with a Suparskim® surface skimmer, turned out to be the perfect tool to remove this 'skum'; most of the dirt was very fine metal dust.

Normally particles, and in particular metal particles, will settle to the bottom in a holding tank, and a lot of separation techniques rely on this. But if the metal particles are extremely fine, less than 20µm, that often does not work. Oil and foam easily carry these fine particles to the surface and once at the surface, the surface tension of the medium keeps the particles there. The Q-Mag®, used in combination with a Suparskim® skimmer, will be very effective in the removal of this dirt.